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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Let's begin at the beginning....

Well, I've never done a blog before and truthfully I had no idea where to start, so I decided to start at the beginning.

I was born and raised in Baltimore County, Maryland on a farm in the country. We had a few cows, chickens, rabbits and pigs. Some for show and some for food. I took an interest in cooking at an early age and wanted to learn whatever my mother and grandmother would teach me. Mom's down home cooking along with Grandmom's baking became the basis for my outlook on food. When I was old enough, I started working part time at a local fast food joint.

From fast food, to chain restaurants, hotel restaurants and finally a small fine-dining restaurant I worked through them all. Learning as many techniques and recipes as I could I developed my style, enhanced my palate and spurred on my love for food. Sadly, after 10 years cooking in restaurants, I left the food industry to pursue a career in business.

Even in my new career I still kept up my cooking skills. Along with cooking all the time at home, I also prepared items to bring to my fellow coworkers for potlucks, parties or just because. I also grill quite often and during the summer would have cookouts with friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, etc. I would even volunteer to do the cooking at cookouts that I would go to just because I love it.

While preparing for one of my cookouts a few years ago I decided that I was tired of using all the boring, bland, big name, no flavor, barbecue sauces. I began looking through all my recipe books and thinking of all the flavors I wanted to incorporate. I gathered all my ingredients and started the process. After much trial and error, I felt I had found the flavor I was longing for.

I used my new home-made sauce on some ribs and chicken at my next cookout. It was an instant hit. I continued to use that sauce at each of my cookouts that year and each time everyone loved it. Eventually, one of my friends asked me to cook at their barbecue and asked that I please use "my" sauce. Then other people wanted me to make some for them to use at home.

I began making some small batches, came up with some additional flavors and began bottling it up at home for a few friends and family to use. Well, that began to snowball. Soon their friends and family wanted it, and their friends and family and so on. It got to the point where it only made sense to work with a local bottling company. With that, DOOMER'S "Q" SAUCE was born. We formed a small LLC, our bottler began production and with three flavors, we entered the market.

DOOMER'S "Q" SAUCE can be found locally in Baltimore, Maryland at 5 small retailers and can also be purchased online. In upcoming posts, I'll update everyone on the progress of the company, offer some easy recipes to use, inform you of upcoming products and give helpful hints on how to get your own sauces, rubs and specialty products out to market.

Thanks for all your support!


  1. Right on! That sauce is the bomb!!!!1

  2. Good Luck Doomer! It really is the best sauce that I've tried. And I have tried a LOT of sauce.