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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What is "Q" Sauce good on?

Ok, I wanted to put out this little post to try and answer the above question. I get asked this a lot. Also, what do you recommend I use it on gets asked a lot. I really have trouble answering these questions on the spot without sounding generic or stupid. I think the main reason I find it tough to answer those questions is because I haven't tried our sauces on anything that it didn't taste good on.

Over the years that I've been making "Q" Sauce, my family, friends and I have tried it on so many things and in so many ways. I've decided to give a list of all the ways I know (from personal experience or 2nd hand) that "Q" Sauce has been used.

We've used it as a steak sauce, dipping sauce, sandwich spread, wing sauce, hot sauce, etc. BBQ with it, grill with it, bake, cook, stir fry. Add it to sloppy joes, potato salad, egg salad. Beef, pork, chicken and seafood...including shrimp, catfish, salmon, trout, sword, tuna, orange roughy and more. It's been tried on Bison, venison, quail and pheasant. I'm sure there's more but right now, I can't think of them...If you can leave a note here or post it on our facebook page..."Q" it up!!

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  1. I can see your Original sauce as an all purpose sauce. Can't wait to try it out on MOINK Balls and pulled pork.