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Friday, April 27, 2012

Steak and Veggie Skewers

Hey "Q" fans! It's springtime and I'm really feeling the grilling bug. I grill year round, but spring and summer I'm out there several times a week. This time, I decided to do some skewers for dinner. I'm sure you're gonna love this one.

I got a pack of chuck steak that had been cut already (for stews and such). I pulled out the best cut pieces and placed them in a storage bag. I then added about 1/2 cup of Original Doomer's "Q" Sauce, tossed it a bit to coat the meat and then set it in the fridge to marinate.

While the meat was marinating, I grabbed some veggies. I used a yellow onion, a few white potatoes, a red bell pepper and a couple pieces of pineapple.

Wash and dry the potatoes and cut them into quarters. You can prep these well ahead of time. I put some water into a pot and brought it to a boil. I added the potatoes and let them cook about ten minutes. Once they began to soften, I drained them, set them aside to let them cool.

Meanwhile I cut the other veggies up. I used about 1/2 the onion and cut it into quarters. The pepper I cut into a few chunks.

The wife won't eat the peppers or onions, so I didn't need as many. Also, the pineapple was canned and small pieces, so I used them sparingly. I would recommend you get a whole pineapple and cut it into 1 1/2 inch pieces.

After the meat was through marinating I got my skewers and pulled the meat out of the fridge. I alternated onions, peppers, potatoes, pineapple and meat on the skewers. Since there was only so much room on the skewer I had some extra meat and potatoes. I shook the remaining potatoes in with some more Original "Q" Sauce and went to start up the grill.

Once the grill was up to temperature I threw the skewers, potatoes and extra pieces of meat on to cook. Next I wen inside to begin on the sides. I prepared some rice, carrots and a little cous cous. I used a garlic & olive oil cous cous and added a little tomato and small diced red pepper (using the cap).

After a few minutes I went out and turned everything over. The color on the meat and potatoes was great. I put a little more Original Doomer's over the skewers and let them cook another few minutes.

Once everything was done, I removed the skewers and such from the grill and brought them inside for plating. I put down a some rice and cous cous, removed everything from the skewer and placed it on the plate. Add to that a side of carrots and you've got yourself a wonderful meal.

I thoroughly enjoyed making these and enjoyed eating them even more. If you get the chance, I recommend you try them out. Use whatever veggies you like best. I've got some more beef coming soon...I'm really thinking about some nice roast beef. Stay tuned and remember...Just "Q" it. 

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  1. Doomers is the best barbecue sauce on earth, and I'm so glad to see you blogging.