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Sunday, March 6, 2011

BBQ Utensils

I just wanted to drop a quick note about those utensils that everyone gets for grilling. They are typically sold in a three piece set consisting of a turner, spatula, flipper, etc; a pair of tongs and a bbq fork.

As suggested, the turner is for turning or flipping items such as burgers, thin fish fillets (catfish, trout), etc. The tongs are for picking up and turning over items like steaks, chicken, firm fish (tuna, sword), etc. As for the bbq fork, I rarely use it...

The bbq fork is usually shown being used to pick up steaks, roasts, etc to put on the grill or turn. What they don't show you is that by piercing the meat in this way, preciously needed juices will be lost during the cooking. The only time I recommend you use the bbq fork is while using a large piece of meat, such as a roast or whole poultry and you have finished cooking it and are removing it from the grill.

This is all just my opinion, but it is based on years of personal experience. :)

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