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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Recipe for leftover chicken?

So the other night, I'm looking around the kitchen for something to eat. I love to cook, but I was being a bit lazy. I checked the fridge and found a leftover chicken breast. It had been baked with just a little seasoning, but reheating it in the microwave (remember, being a bit lazy) would dry it out and who likes that?

Well, being that we make the best BBQ Sauce on the market I grabbed a bottle of Doomer's Original "Q" Sauce and the chicken. Now, shredding cold chicken breast is actually easier than you may think. A few cuts along the grain and you can pretty much peel it like string cheese.

Once you get all your shreds, toss them into a microwave safe bowl and add a little "Q" Sauce (you can also do this in a saucepan on low heat). Warm it up in the microwave, grab yourself some hamburger buns and enjoy!

I also have a few easy crock-pot recipes I'll share here in the future as well as some general bbq techniques and recipes for your grill. Until then, "Q" it up!

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